Arturo Schwarz, The Courage of the Truth.

Correlations of empathy

Lucrezia De Domizio Durini

Collana Le Comete

  • Pubblicazione: 1 giugno 2015
  • Pagine: 196
  • Formato: 14x21
  • ISBN: 9788867083947
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Il libro

This book is not a “tribute”, it is rather a reflection on the importance of a life, the life of Arturo Schwarz, a free and courageous example of the invulnerability of the self, never affected by the traumas of the outside world, never conditioned by the events of an adverse reality or by suffering. Schwarz, Jewish anarchist, and therefore atheist, surrealist, a man from a different age whose I’m a Jew, Too, is a declaration of his philosophy: the rejection of the principle of authority, the thirst for knowledge, respect for diversity, the longing for justice, respect for nature, the right to happiness, the recognition of woman’s essence in salvation and initiation.To paraphrase Italo Svevo, “It is not race that makes a Jew, it is life”. And it is during his entire life that Arturo Schwarz has cultivated these sacred principles, by living and practising them in every way possible and with enormous and constant passion. His existential philosophy, built day by day, is the backbone of his personality, with his exceptional ability for love and devotion, generosity and simplicity, wisdom and humanity, qualities today ever more necessary if we are to continue to hope in a future for a society as completely devoid of values as is ours. Arturo Schwarz, gallery owner, publisher, collector, essayist, writer, patron of the arts, is first and foremost a poet, a sage who teaches us the highest meaning of human life.

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