Monte Verità. Back to Nature (english version)


Collana Le Comete

  • Pubblicazione: 14 aprile 2023
  • Pagine: 136
  • Illustrazioni: inserto fotografico a colori
  • Formato: 14x21
  • ISBN: 9788833539621
  • A cura di: Nicoletta Mongini, Chiara Gatti and Sergio Risaliti
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Il libro

A journey in search of freedom in a place where it was possible to breathe utopia and dream of a different world. At the dawn of the 20th century, the colony of Monte Verità, settled in the luxuriant woods and gentle hills overlooking Lake Maggiore, prophetically anticipated themes which are now considered of vital importance and lie between the ecology of dwelling and the ecology of the soul. Its founders were absolute pioneers of the organic and eco-friendly lifestyle, of the vegetarian culture and the practice of taking care of one’s body according to nature.

Monte Verità. Back to Nature originates from an exhibition that the Museo Novecento of Florence and the Fondazione Monte Verità of Ascona dedicated to that fascinating adventure, its ideals and the many famous personages who, to varying degrees, were involved in it. From the anarchist Kropotkin to the choreographer Rudolf von Laban, from the Dadaist Hugo Ball to the Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius, from artists like Jean Arp and Paul Klee to the writer Hermann Hesse, from dancer Mary Wigman to psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, many intellectuals saw in this place a buen retiro suspended in time and away from the drama of the wars and the ideological clash between capitalism and communism that was shaking Europe. Thus Monte Verità, example of an existence set to primeval rhythms, became a laboratory of a counterculture which opposed bourgeois conformism and the dominant thought.

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